how clean is your office?

Chances are your workplace is filled with bacteria, viruses and fungi. Even the cleanest facilities can be crawling with microorganisms.


At Aspen Ridge, we provide professional sanitizing and disinfection services for your home, gym and office.  We're your single destination for controlling and preventing those nasty smells and dangerous bacteria that are lurking all around you.


We offer complete, safe and effective sanitizing and disinfection services for your entire space including in, on and around your books, magazines, papers, keyboards, and electronics. Things that don't or can't be clean with traditional methods.


Our terminal disinfectant, combined with our state-of-the art electrostatic sprayers that we use to thoroughly and evenly apply it, can dramatically reduce or eliminate the smells, germs and bacteria that contaminate your facility.


Our germ killing technology is an EPA approved, hospital-grade disinfectant that eliminates 99.9999% of all germs and bacteria. Aspen Ridge will turn your office into a germ free zone, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in lost sick days and health care costs.

who's at risk in your office?

Every public surface can potentially be contaminated with bacteria or viruses including (but not limited to) staph, hepatitis, norovirus, strep, HIV, salmonella, influenza H1N1,  rhinoviruses. C.Diff spores and much more. No surface is safe, and some are worse than others.

     • Desks were found to have 400X more bacteria than a public toilet seat.
     • Tests have proved that in just a few hours, viruses can spread to 60% of a building’s  

        occupants from a single doorknob.
     • Studies determined that 28% of gym surfaces tested positive for contamination
     • CDC statistics showed 3 out of 4 norovirus outbreaks occur in long-term care facilities 

        and nursing homes

The common cold, Rhinovirus, is the main reason the majority of our population misses school or work every year.

check out our disinfection video | learn how & why it works so well

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