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aspen ridge would like to  introduce you to  the next generation in touchless disinfection

ePA registered disinfectant. kills 99.999% of germs and bacteria.

CDC noted in their 2008 Guideline for Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities.


SAVES TIME. spray & walk away application.




300 more times effective than bleach.

what's in your disinfectant?

Have you ever wondered if the germs you're trying to kill are as dangerous as the wipes or chemicals you're using to kill them with? 


Have you ever wondered if you missed a spot when wiping down an area or knew you did because you couldn't reach it?


Have you ever wondered if the germs being wiped are actually just being pushed around on the surface and/or if you're leaving the area wet long enough to even kill them?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above then our epa registered disinfectant

is perfect for you. made using the same solution that we naturally produce in our bodies to fight infection. 

smarter. quicker. safer.  

ASPEN RIDGE touchless


Proper disinfection requires two things.


        1.) The right terminal disinfectant

        2.) Proper and complete coverage


Kills 99.999% of Germ & Bacteria. EPA registered disinfectant.

Our EPA registered, hospital grade disinfectant, kills 99.999% of all germs and bacteria Including things like the cold & flu virus’ (including H1N2) salmonella, Staph., blood borne pathogen, herpes, polio, norovirus, MRSA, E.coli, HIV, HepB, a number of different animal pathogens, C. Duff and so much more.

Safe to use around people. No mask or gloves required.

Traditional sanitizing & disinfecting approaches like chlorine bleach and quarternary ammonium compounds, or quats, are toxic to humans, corrosive to materials, and harm the environment.

Our EPA certified disinfectant uses a different approach to kill germs and bacteria. Using NaDCC\hypochlorous acid (HOCL) which is naturally produced in our bodies by the white blood cells and tears and is a less toxic alternative to chlorine bleach & quats.

The CDC and EPA substantiate HOCL kills pathogens up to 300 times better then chlorine bleach. That's right 300 TIMES!

Saves time and effort. Spray & walk away application.

Spray and walk away application. Our disinfectant begins to kill on contact. Just spray on the surface you're looking to disinfect and walk away. Always works great on reducing and eliminating odors in the air and on surfaces.

Doesn't discolor, crack, or fade your furniture and equipment.

Unlike bleach and other harsh chemicals our disinfecting solution won't discolor your chairs, fabrics, and plastics. We have found this to be very appealing to those in the medical field who are constantly having to clean and disinfect their operatory rooms.

Testing on metal substrates prove that our terminal disinfectant is 50% less corrosive then bleach, plus won’t harm fabrics or substrates with normal use. No more cracking vinyl on your medical chairs, worrying about bleaching your fabrics or yellowing plastics and overhead medical lights. You also don't get the waxy build up that you get with harsh chemicals.

Better, more consistent coverage.

Disinfection is only as good as the person and product used to disinfect. Even with the best disinfectant germs can get missed either because their hiding in hard to reach places and/or they simply get missed due to improper or carless wiping.

Whether you're using one of our hand held sprayers or using our powerful electrostatic sprayers our disinfectant is sprayed in a very fine and very thick mist. This allows you to cover more area using less disinfectant.

One of the big advantages our using one of our electrostatic sprayers is that as it's sprayed each droplet is charged causing the droplets to repel each other while attracting to every surface, both vertical and horizontal, like a magnet. Think of the reaction that happens when you rub your hair on a balloon this is similar to the reaction that's happening when you apply our disinfectant. The result is that our highly effective terminal disinfectant coats everything in, on, and around its path. That’s right we said around. The electrostatically sprayed solution wraps behind surfaces, even when they’re not sprayed directly. This allows you to apply in areas that you wouldn't normally be able to disinfect.

Can be applied virtually anywhere.

Not only is our disinfectant amazingly effective at killing germs, it can also be applied virtually anywhere.

Don’t limit your disinfecting efforts to just the operatory. Stop germs in the front office before they come into the back office. Spray it in the lobby including on those heavily read books and magazines on the coffee table. Disinfect your desk, the front desk, and maybe a sick co-workers desk.

check out our disinfection video. learn how & why it works so well.

Are you ready to start using a safer, more effective, disinfectant that's easier on your staff, patients, and equipment?

If so, call or email us today!


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